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Beatrice Lissague, creator



In his book "Letters to a young poet" Rilke writes:

"Time is not a measure. One year does not count: ten years are nothing. To be an artist is not to count, it is to grow like the tree that does not press its sap, which resists, confident, to the great winds of spring, without fearing that summer may not come. Summer is coming. But it only comes for those who know how to wait, as quiet and open as if they had eternity before them. "

 This magnificent text perfectly illustrates how Beatrice Lissague's singular and diversified career has contributed to her artistic maturation that allows her today to express her prolific creativity with force and audacity.

 Since her twenties, at all times Beatrice has kept her camera ready to capture all kinds of scenes and subjects, graphics, colors, textures ... that attract her eyes always on the lookout. She has created a large library of images from which she draws to design the compositions of her pictorial work with her very personal visual approach that gave birth to the “SERIES THRU” around various themes.

 The artistic maturity and mastery of many techniques acquired throughout her career open the way to a creative freedom even more daring. Indeed, Beatrice Lissague likes to "intertwine" her photos and interact with them by bringing texture, color, play of light, transparency and opacity, thanks to collages, weaving, painting ... before or after printing on canvas or other support.

 Thus, she offers a subtle reading of the proposed theme by suggesting advanced interpretations to create another depth, in order to release an emotion and a complementary understanding of the subject of origin. It is an incessant quest for the truth and the soul of what surrounds us.

 Beatrice is convinced that we must not stop at the first impression. Therefore, she attemps to show what we do not see: we must dig, seek, look for what is behind a visual perception the same way we try to decrypt the meaning of a text well beyond words.