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Beatrice Lissague, creator



Béatrice lived for few years in the middle of the vineyards in the Loire Valley in France, and was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the vines throughout the seasons. She was particulary attracted by the estheticism of unconventional aspects of the vines often neglected by the indifferent gaze of the people passing by.

This series is the fruit of a complex pictorial work carried out around the magical vines after a snow storm which rarely happened in the Loire Valley.

Several stages followed one another: Béatrice Lissague photographed the ephemeral scenes before the ice melt.

Echoing her pictures, she created a series of paintings, collages, weave by mixing various materials: pigments, paint, earth, leaves, branches, bark, fabrics ... Then she photographed a section of these paintings, then she blended and merged these clichés with the original photos thus creating a dreamlike dimension inviting to reverie.

Finally, these visuals were printed on a Fine Art Canvas canvas on which Beatrice applied paint.

Béatrice wanted to play with the material, light, transparency, opacity, textures, graphics, reflections to reveal, in the form of an atypical homage, the mystical confines of the vines’ world which give birth to the sacred beverage!

 Artwork size : 100 X 75 cm or 40 X 30 in

More artwork available to see upon request.

© Béatrice Lissague